February 2015 Newsletter



Dear Church Family,

The Season of Lent is nearly upon us beginning with Ash Wednesday on February 18. This is a season in which we set aside personal time to reflect on our relationship with God through the crucified and resurrected Jesus our Savior.

Let us ask ourselves, what is the condition of my relationship with Jesus? Is it stagnant, growing, vital or in need? What do I need for my relationship to be fulfilling every day?

One of the traditions of Lent is to fast in some way. This is where the notion of giving something up for lent comes from. The actual intent is to set something aside in a fast to remind ourselves to spend additional time with God talking about our relationship. Simply “giving something up” without taking time to talk with God defeats the purpose. What will you fast this year in preparing for the celebration of Jesus resurrection on Easter Morning?

Below is the schedule for Lent. On Ash Wednesday the church will be open for anyone who would like to have the Imposition of Ashes and/or Holy Communion prior to the work day. This will be a time in which each of us can spend as much time in the sanctuary as we would like in prayer and meditation, personal worship and reflection. One thing will happen if you are marked with the sign of the cross in ashes. Someone will ask why? This provides a great opportunity to share our personal faith and to invite folks to church.

Lent is an opportunity to look inside our soul and spirit while seeking God. Don’t let this time pass without setting aside additional time each day to be with God. We will be blessed.

Pastor Mike

Season of Lent Schedule

Ash Wednesday – February 18

Communion and Imposition of Ashes in the Sanctuary 6:30 am – 11:30 am

Ash Wednesday Service 12:30 pm at Browning Masonic Home

Maundy Thursday Service – April 2 at 6:00 pm

Maundy Thursday will be celebrated as a Seder Meal

Good Friday – April 3 at 12:00 pm

This year we will celebrate Good Friday with a Cross walk throughout Waterville.

We will walk from place to place to pray while carrying a cross.

Easter Sunday – April 5

Community Sunrise Service – watch for details

Easter Worship Celebration – 10:30 am



Facts, Figures and FYI's  

As a follow up to our presentation on Sunday, January 25th, and to insure everyone receives the information, we have some grand news to share.  

First of all, thank you for your faithful stewardship in support of the mission and ministries of Waterville United Methodist Church, whether it was financial giving, offering prayers, sharing of your talent or participating in activities or programs. 

We finished the year in the black! Our total General Fund Income for 2014 was $312,063 and our total Operating Expenses were $283,684, resulting in a year-end General Fund balance of $28,379. We were not only able to complete many facility upgrades and outreach & mission programs, but also have reserved funds for a variety of activities, programs and projects for 2015.  

We had a great response to our 2015 Stewardship Program, receiving 66 Estimate of Giving cards that totaled $222,875. The Administrative Council has approved a 2015 Operating Budget of $283,116, which means our estimated giving will cover 79% of our budget. 

Changes in the commitment amounts on the Estimate of Giving cards 2015 vs. 2014

35 Increases

7 Decreases

17 Same Amount

7 New (did not submit card last year) 

Thank you to each and every one of you for your willingness to share, so generously, a portion of what He has entrusted to you. This level of giving is a tremendous indicator of the spiritual health of WUMC and the importance we place on the work of His Church, sharing the good news and leading others to Christ.  

Offering Counting Position:

We are seeking an individual interested in joining our Offering Counting Team. That would make a total of 8 members, allowing each two person team to work one Sunday per month. The process normally takes 1 to 1-1/2 hours to complete. Each Sunday, two counters collect, sort, record and document the offering and deposit the offering. If you are interested or would like additional information, please contact Tom Wiggins. 

Please contact the Church Office or Tom Wiggins if you have any questions about anything related to finance or stewardship.  

January Statistics

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 We are almost ready to go to "print" on the new photo church directory.  This is your final chance to make any changes in your information. Do you have a new phone number or have you changed your e-mail address?  Have you discontinued your land line phone??  Have you moved and not notified the office?  If so, please contact the church office with your new information as soon as possible.  We want to make this an accurate document and can only do so with your help.   

                                    WUMC FAMILY NEWS        

HOSPITALIZED: Bob Hires at St. Luke's Hospital  

Anna Emahiser at St. Luke's Hospital                                                                                                               


The family of Mary Lynn Miller Westfall who passed away on January 14, 2015.  Funeral was January 22 at Kingswood Methodist Church Urbana, Ohio with burial at Highland Memory Gardens Waterville. Mary Lynn was the daughter of Ward and Addie Miller and is survived by her sons, her brothers Dale and Neil and her step-brothers Gary, Randy and Jeff Breymaier and their families. 


The family of Ellen Peyton who passed away on Sunday,

January 25.  Ellen is the sister - in-law to Ron and Lou Peyton.  Services will be in Florida where Ellen lived.


Best Wishes for the New Year 2015.

Thank you for the letter I received, it made me feel so good.

Thank the congregation and the staff and the girls up stairs. I miss everyone and wish I was back - ( you never know).

I wish everyone  at church a wonderful New Year and Thanks for my gift.

 Love,   Elaine Reece 

Dear Church Family,

My heartfelt thanks for the generous Christmas gift.  You never cease to amaze me with your acts of appreciation and love.   It is my honor to serve you as choir director.  God blesses me in so many ways through this ministry and I pray you are blessed as well.  

Please let me know if there are music selections you would like to hear, people or groups you want to invite to serve through music or if you feel lead to participate.  Choir practice on Thursday night is always filled with laughter and love.  My tenor section sees to it that I remain humble in my capacity as director with a bounty of humorous comments.   My cup runneth over.  If you ever need a midweek pick me up stop in for fellowship, you don't even have to sing.  You can just worship with us by being present and who knows, maybe the gift of song will flow from you.  

My prayer for you is that God may enter your heart through the word of God and music.  

Blessings to you and yours,

Jennifer Reihing

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
Colossians 3:23

Dear Members and Friends of Waterville UMC, 

Mark Twain once said "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."  I want to sincerely express my appreciation for your financial gift at Christmas.  Your generosity is overwhelming!  I am blessed being able to serve you and our God on a weekly basis.

Thank You,  Church Cathy 

Dear Waterville UM

It is with great appreciation that we thank you for your recent donation to the Friendly Center, Inc.  The Friendly Center values your support and would not be able to serve the community in the capacity we do if not for supporters like you. 

Your donation of hats, gloves and socks are certainly appreciated this winter season

Sincerely, Friendly Center, Inc.  Community & Staff  


As in years past we wish to have lilies for the Chancel Area on Easter Sunday.   In order to make certain our Easter Lily Order is placed on time we will begin taking orders on Sunday, February 1 and the last day to order will be Sunday, March 15th.   Order forms along with an envelope to place your payment are on the bulletin board outside the offices. Complete the order form and place it in the offering plate, or drop it off at the church office, or place your order by clicking below.

The cost of each lily is $8.00. You may also make a donation to the New Building Fund in Memory or in Honor of someone.


And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart.

Deuteronomy 6:5


Prayer Chain

Following each daily Scripture Reading are the names of the families and individuals for our daily prayer list.  Please read your Bible and pray for these persons for the month of February.

If you have a prayer request, please feel free to call the Prayer Chain:

Pam Plassmann or Mary Williams.

Youth Alive Wish List for the Youth Room 

All items on the Youth Alive wish list have been generously donated by you the heart of WUMC.  Thank You!  However, there still is a need of cans of pop to be donated. If you would like to fill this need please drop off pop cans at the Youth Room or see Adam or Stephanie Shelton.


The Youth Fundraiser Lasagna Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 14th before Theatre-for-the-World play FOOLS. You may make reservations by adding your name to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board, calling the church office (419-878-3645) or calling Stephanie Shelton.


The Youth Group is in need of people to make and donate pans of lasagna and desserts for their fundraiser on Saturday, March 14th before the Theatre-for-the-World production of FOOLS.  Please sign up on the sheets on the bulletin board.


1. Passionate Worship - The proposed goal for 2015 is 141 average worship attendance.  (This is an increase of 10%)

 2. Radical Hospitality - Our proposed goals for 2015 are 5 professions of faith and 5 adult baptisms.

3. Intentional Faith Development - Proposed goals for 2015 are to have 16 small groups.  Bible Studies and Sunday School classes for all ages; have an average attendance of 120 in the studies above; and have 50% of the average worship attendance participating in these studies.

4. Risk-Taking Mission & Service - The proposed goal for 2015 is 282 people involved in mission/outreach.  (Allowing that many will be counted for participation in more than one ministry)

5. Extravagant Generosity - The proposed goals for 2015 are to develop and launch a Growing Generous Givers plan by March 1, 2015 to communicate the concepts and progress on a regular basis; and paying 100% of our apportionments.


All ladies are invited to the home of Tehya Collinsworth on Wednesday, February 18th  at 12:45 P. M. for Soup, Sandwich and Dessert luncheon and to share fellowship.  Please call or e-mail Tehya if you are planning to attend.


SAVE THE DATES FOR FOOLS, a family-friendly comedy by Neil Simon on March 13 & 14 at 7:30 P.M. and 15th at 1:30 P.M.  This is a re-creation of our first production performed at the Old Waterville Primary School.  Please help us make this the biggest show to date.

Thanks to our congregation and very loving and "forgiving" God, Theatre-for-the-World is celebrating our tenth production in March.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Ten shows in which you have helped us raise over $20,000 and collect over 900 bags of groceries.  As we celebrate this year, we intend to do things just a little differently.  We are grateful that we've been able to help so many folks locally and we intend to continue that support, but we have also been saving 15% of our donations over the years to dig a well in Africa.  We are stepping out in faith and hoping to raise enough money to turn that well into a reality in 2015.  We will be flipping our percentage for this show only and using 85% of the monetary donations to fund the well and the other 15% will be distributed, along with the food donations, to the three local food pantries. 

Ten shows and counting and we can't thank the WUMC enough for rallying behind each and every show with prayer, volunteer hours and donations.  No matter how well we've performed on a given night, you have been unwavering in your support of our little mission project.  Have you ever wondered why we never do a show during tomato season?   Always thinking!  Also, it seemed like such a contradiction having all those tomatoes wasted when we are trying to feed people in need.

We will have a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board near the office for volunteers.  We are grateful for all the people that have already volunteered to head up various aspects of our project and production. Once, again, we are praying you'll consider helping us fill the usual positions of ushering, cookie baking, refreshments and food collecting.  Our success starts the minute people enter those new doors and we have always relied upon our congregation creating the right atmosphere.  Beyond volunteering, we are truly hoping you help us spread the word this year.  As I said earlier, digging the well is a lofty goal, but I am certain with God's help it is attainable.  We will continue with a theme you have already become familiar with, "Give the gift of life!".  This is exactly what we can do with the success of this project.  Together we can change the lives of people for generations.  Many people in Africa have never been able to live with a generational mind set.  Understandably, we take that for granted in the U. S., just as easily as we do access to fresh running water.  We have an opportunity to change things for them.

We have lots of plans to raise funds and personally, I do not want the entire financial burden of digging a well to rest completely upon our congregation.  Our audience has grown virtually every year outside of our members, but ultimately our congregation represents 65% of our attendance.  We will be implementing some social media fund raising in February.  Please watch your bulletin for information about our website fund raising page where people can donate directly to our well fund from anywhere in the world.   If you feel so inclined, please share us or like us on Facebook so we can reach more folks.  The more people we reach the more likely God is to touch individual hearts in some way.  We will be the mission focus in March and we'll challenge the congregation, but I know God will bless.  Throughout the process we intend to share a little history of our group and how God has always been faithful.  As we celebrate, we'll do our best to keep the focus on Him and our mission. It has always been a mission project.  It is our way  of using our gifts to be God's hands in this world.  Please lift this project up in prayer, share the dates, consider volunteering, hang a poster or simply attend.  We promise we'll coax  a laugh or two out of you while God blesses what we give to make a difference locally and across the globe. 

In His Service,  Brian, Tom & Karen 

The Pregnancy Center of Toledo Annual Fundraiser

The 2015 fundraiser for The Pregnancy Center of Toledo will be held on Thursday, March 19th at Westgate Chapel at 5:30 p.m.  The guest speaker for the Sweet Endings event will be Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner.  You may register to attend by visiting friendsofpregnancycenter.org. .

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