June 2015 Newsletter

Dear Church Family,
As we look towards the summer may the God of Creation bless us all. Many of us look forward to summer. The sunny days, the warmth and the opportunities to be outdoors enjoying all that God has made.
Summer is a great time while we are enjoying God's creation to do an inward search on the condition of our relationship with God and one another. We know that all of God's creation is good and that we experience God's love through many different ways. 
As United Methodist we live by three simple rules. These rules are stated in such a way that we can evaluate our walk with the Lord in the way we apply these three rules to our daily living. The rules are: do no harm, do good and stay in love with God.
These rules are interdependent upon one another just as our relationship with one another is to be interdependent. 
What then does it mean to follow these three simple rules? First, we are to do no harm. No harm means we are considerate of everyone in which we come into contact. To follow this first rule requires of us to be consistent in witness of God's saving grace in our lives through Jesus. One of the easy ways to do harm is in the way we treat others, especially. It is so easy when we get tired or irritated about something to take our frustrations out on another person, many times the person who has no influence upon our frustration. To make this very personal, how do I treat others, when am I hurtful, when do I hurt others feelings, when do I demand what I believe I deserve in negative ways? 
Second we are to do good. There are many ways we are doing good each day. There are times we get so caught up in doing good in the world's terms that we forget that the test of doing good for a Christian has everything to do with being led by the Holy Spirit. We are doing good in God's terms when we follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and do the good that God has prepared for us to do. 
Staying in love with God is the last of the three simple rules. Just like our human relationships we must work each day to stay in love with God. There will be moments when we do not feel like we are in love with God yet, never forget that God is still in love with us. There are several ways we demonstrate that we are in love with God. Two of the ways are to do the first two rules, then follow God's commands to love God with our whole self and to love our neighbors the same way.
During worship the last weeks of June we will explore together these three simple rules for living a fruitful life with God. 
My prayer for you is that each day you will do no harm, do good and stay in love with God.

Pastor Mike


HOSPITALIZED: Bernard Utz - St. Luke's Hospital 
Mary Ann Parker - St. Luke's Hospital
Jim Simpson - UTMC undergoing tests
Peg Walker - Toledo Hospital

PRAYERS OF CHRISTIAN COMFORT AND PEACE: to Deb Cheney and Shelly Bankey and families  upon the death of their father James Kuhlman, on May 4th.
We express our Christian love and sympathy to Grace Russell and family upon the death of her husband, Lawrence this week.  Services were held on Monday, May 18 at Peinert Funeral Home with Pastor Mike officiating. 

Dear Theater For The World Ministry Team:
Thank you for the contribution of $180.67 which you recently donated to the Food Pantry.  We are grateful for your part in this mission.  The Pantry is open on the 1st and 4rd Tuesdays from 10:00am until 12:00 Noon all year long.  In the past months more persons seem to be in need of our help. 
We are encouraged to know we have your help, along with others of the community, in  keeping the shelves filled with groceries.
Denise Longnecker, Mission Comm. Ch
Lee Thomas, Food Pantry Custodian
Joyce Thomas
Lenora Brown
Donna Vascik
Many Others

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your generous donation. 
In just a few months, your gift will provide clean, safe water to a community in need... for years to come.  And we are going to show you where!
Access to safe water restores hope  and unlocks potential in the communities we serve.  Free from sickness and countless wasted hours hauling dirty water, people are able to get back to truly beneficial work.  They re-build local economies and that helps break the cycle of poverty.
Your support makes their success possible.
With Much Gratitude,
R. Peter Chasse
President, The Water Project, Inc.                               


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Prayer Chain
Following each daily Scripture Reading are the names of the families and individuals for our daily prayer list. 
Please read your Bible and pray for these persons for the month of June.
If you have a prayer request, please feel free to call the Prayer Chain:
Pam Plassmann  email plassmb@accesstoledo.com. or
Mary Williams email margewill@toast.net.


The Practice of Prayer Workshop
Do you struggle to pray?  Do you feel like your personal prayer time is like a desert?
Come be refreshed by learning to pray God's Word.  Let the living waters of the Word wash over your soul!
              FRIDAY, JUNE 5TH 7-9PM
              SATURDAY, JUNE 6TH 9AM-12NOON
              10926 MAUMEE STREET
              WHITEHOUSE, OHIO 43571
Call 419-277-9054 to register
or register by e-mail thescriptureprayerinstitute@gmail.com 
Registrations will also be taken at the door.
Cost:  $10 for Workbook
Teacher:  Alaire Rothhaas

Many thanks to the folks who already donated fabric and spent time assembling and sewing our UMCOR cloth bags for our School Kits. We are all set for this year. We will have fun filling these bags in a few months. God's richest blessings...... 

There are more than 5,000 dead, 11,000 injured , 1.5 million people in need of urgent help and millions of people affected.  These grim numbers are the heartbreaking aftermath of the earthquake in the Himalayan nation of Nepal, one of the world's poorest countries.  Since the earth quake, additional devastation and tragedy continues with thunderstorms, landslides, avalanches and fires pummeling the survivors and interfering with rescue efforts.  Many remote areas have not yet been reached and the search continues for survivors.  The needs of the hurt, hungry and homeless are urgent and enormous. 
How You Can Help:       
•    Pray for all  who have been impacted by this emergency; for the people of Nepal, for Global Ministries and UMCOR partners at work on the ground there, and for Global Ministries' five missionaries and their families assigned to serve there.
•    Give to UMCOR International Diaster Response, Advance #982450.  Your gifts to UMCOR International Disaster Response make it possible for UMCOR to respond quickly to emergency situations through our local and international partners.  You may also link to this sight from our church's website: www.watervilleumc.org.                     

The youth group will be having a garage sale on June 11-13 at the Shelton House, 171 Freedom Lane. If you have any items to donate to sell, you may drop them off at the Shelton house beginning on June 7. The youth also will be selling food at the garage sale and would appreciate any donations of the following items: cans of pop, bottled water, individual bags of chips/snacks, plastic 8 oz. cups, Snow Cone flavoring (Jelly Belly), plastic spoons, and baked goods. Thank you for your support as the youth group raises money for their mission trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin! We still have nearly $3,000 to raise! If you have any questions, contact Adam or Stephanie Shelton 

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD                                                              
In the months of June and July we would like to  highlight toiletries and hygiene items for our Operation Christmas Child extra boxes collection.  The collection basket is under the table in the foyer.  We thank you for your generous response and it is a joy to see the different items come in.  We can just imagine the happy expressions on the faces of the children when they open their box and find these treasurers are for them.    

VBS DONATIONS                               
The following items are needed to help with the VBS Crafts this summer, July 12-16: Toilet paper rolls, sandwich size zip-loc bags, baby wipes, painter's tape (blue, thin), flour, salt, colorful Sharpie markers, containers of washable craft paint (any color besides black), colored plastic straws, colored cardstock or battery operated tea lights. If you would like to donate an item, please get it to Stephanie Shelton or there will be a collection box in or near the Community Room. Thank you for your support!

VBS REGISTRATION FORMS                                                           
Registration forms for Waterville Community VBS July 12-16  are available on the bulletin board outside Pastor Mike's office, or by registering on-line at http://goo.gl/forms/ZHEXyrhUwE. Please feel free to take as many registration forms as you need and return them to the church office or to Stephanie Shelton by July 1.  This year boys and girls will learn to conquer challenges with God's Mighty Power.  They will embark on an icy expedition that empowers them to overcome obstacles with God's awesome power.  They will learn rock-solid Bible truths that will guide them through life's challenges.
Also, why not have Lots-n-Lots of Fun and Make Jesus Real at VBS by being a VOLUNTEER.  Volunteers can be from Junior High Student age through Adult.  There are many opportunities - Crew Leader, Decorations, Clean-up, or by Doing Anything that is Needed.
Questions may be directed to Stephanie.
Thank you in advance for your help!!  We know you will have lots of fun!

Friends of the Library Book Sale 
The Friends of the Library are sponsoring a Book Sale during Waterville Garage Sale Days,  on June 12 & 13 from 9-5:00 p.m. .  While you are out hunting bargains, stop in to see our great deals on all kinds of items!
•    Children's Books
•    Cookbooks &  Craft Books
•    Popular paperbacks
•    Lots of Adult Bestsellers!
Next to the railroad tracks in Conrad Park  - Waterville Branch Library
                                                                       800 Michigan Avenue
                                                                       Waterville, OH  43566
                                                                       Phone: 419-878-3055 
Music in the Park - Fun Family Event!
Sunday, June 28, 2015 
6-8:00 p.m. 
Conrad Park Gazebo
798 Michigan Ave. 
Waterville, OH 
Live music by Deepwater Bluegrass
Ice cream social  hosted by  the Waterville Historical society 
Free and open to the public.  

Yoga For Everyone
Wednesday, July 15
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Waterville Branch Library 
800 Michigan Avenue
Waterville, OH   419-878-3055
Need to relax and stretch?  
No matter your age or fitness level, yoga is for you. 
Please join Yoga Mike and re-learn how to breathe and relax. 
Bring a yoga mat if you have one.  We will be barefoot. Registration required