August 2015 Newsletter

Dear Church Family,

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we were free from worry, anxiety and stress? In other words what if we discovered the key to a life of inner peace? The Word of God talks about this type of life. 

Romans 12:2 states, "Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." One of the questions that I get asked regularly is how do I know God's purpose or calling? This passage from Roman's gives us a key to discovering God's will for our lives.  

We must be careful what we expose our minds to each day, even down to each moment. A great barrier to experiencing the transforming power of God is found in our behavior. Way too often we are busy copying the ways of this world verses allowing God to transform us beginning with the way that we think.  

God has recently been working on me in the area of what I am putting in my mind. For several years I have enjoyed listening to books while driving and if I finished a book and did not have a new one with me I would listen to classic rock. One day God spoke very clearly to me to turn off the book I was listening to and pray. This was a very interesting book and I know myself well enough that if I kept the book I would turn it back on. So I prayed as God directed and when I had the chance I returned the book to the public library along with two others. 

Why would God direct me to stop listening to books while I drive? First they were putting things in my mind that focused on the "behavior and customs of this world." God was letting me know that I need to change the way I think to live according to His plan for my life. 

This is true for you as well. What are you putting in your mind each day, the ways of God or the ways of this world? Let's do a little test. How much time do we spend listening to music, TV, talk shows, etc? How much of what we listen to is specifically Christian, music, scripture, biblical teaching? There are many resources that provide for us the ability to replace what we listen to that is of this world with the things of God. Now, how about what we read? How much of our total reading time each day focuses on the things of God?  

Let's take a journey together through the month of August to allow God to make each of us a new person by changing the way we think. The challenge is to pick one area, what we listen to, read or watch and replace it with God specific resources. If you're looking for a big challenge then replace all three. Here is an example: make all you listen to Christian. Christian music, teaching, bible studies and more.  

Here is the goal, to allow God to change the way we think from the focus upon the things of this world to the things of God. The benefit will be an ever growing inner peace no matter the circumstances of the present. For we will begin to discover God's perfect will for our lives and find an inner peace as a result. 

One key to a life filled with the blessings of God is to allow God to transform the way we think. 


Pastor Mike



Date          Worship         General Fund           Capital Improvements     Missions

July 5                  76                $2,660.00                    $174.00                        $0.00

July 12                101                  $3,065.00                    $0.00                          $0.00

July 19                 90                   $4,025.00              $445.00                      $30.00

July 26             99                  $7,084.00                   $365.00                   $68.00


Part-Time Minister of Music Position Available

Waterville UMC has an opening for a part-time Minister of Music.  The job description can be found by visiting the MWD Job Ads page by clicking: MWD Job Ads - Waterville UMC

or at : send all inquiries along with a resume electronically to Pastor Mike Denman at

or by mail to: Pastor Mike Denman

                      102 N. 5th Street

                       Waterville, OH  43566




                       Dr. Roger Hertzman - St. Luke's Hospital

                       Ed Wronkowicz - Now at Heartland Waterville

                     John Michael - St. Luke's Hospital

                     Marilyn Simpson - St. Vincent Hospital

                     Jan Sheridan - Knee Surgery


Dear Ladies,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for  the prayer blanket presented to my husband while he was at Hospice.

Your sewing group certainly has special talents in making such a unique gift.

Many thanks also to Tehya.  


Jean Shaffer


Dear WUMC,

My niece, Chrissy Hurst sends her thanks for the quilt and prayers.  Chrissy has movement in her leg and is grateful for the prayers.

Thank You!

Chris Major




Esther 3, 4, 5 & 6   Hebrews 9     1    The Holly Warner Family 

Esther 7, 8 & 9    Hebrews 10    2    Mr. & Mrs.Dick Warner

Job 1 & 2   Hebrews 11           3   Mrs. Loraine Welker 

Job 3 & 4    Hebrews 12      4    The Wendell Welker Family

Job 5 & 6    Hebrews 13      5     Mr. & Mrs. Neil Westfall Family

Job 7 & 8    James 1     6    The Anthony Westfall Family

Job 9 & 10    James 2     7    The Tom Wielgopolski Family

Job 11 & 12    James 3     8     Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wiggins

Job 13 & 14    James 4     9    Mr. & Mrs. Gene Williams

Job 15 & 16    James 5     10    The Brian Wittenmyer Family

Job 17 & 18      IPeter 1    11     Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wronkowicz

Job 19 & 20     I Peter 2    12      Clark Wyatt & Marilyn Masola

Job 21 & 22    I Peter 3    13    Ms. Delores Young

Job 23 & 24    I Peter 4    14    Mr. Squire Young

Job 25 & 26    I Peter 5    15     Maumee Watershed Dist. Office 

Job 27 & 28    II Peter 1     16    Rev. Linda Middelberg, Dist. Supt.

Job 29 & 30     II Peter 2    17    West Ohio Conference

Job 31 & 32    II Peter 3    18    Bishop Gregory V. Palmer

Job 33 & 34    I John 1     19     Rev. James & Karen Caldwell

Job 35 & 36    I John 2    20    Rev. Dave & Mrs. Hogg

Job 37 & 38    I John 3    21    Mrs. Dottie Linter

Job 39 & 40     I John 4    22    Mrs. Rhoda Quick

Job 41 & 42    I John 5    23    Rev. Steve Rath

Proverbs 1 & 2     II John   24   Rev. Russell Sawmiller

Proverbs 3 & 4    III John   25    Rev. Jim & Barbara Stewart

Proverbs 5 & 6    Jude     26    Rev. Robert & Donna Versteeg

Proverbs 7 & 8     Revelation 1     27     Rev. Warren Wilson

Proverbs 9 & 10     Revelation 2    28     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Abbey

Proverbs 11 & 12    Revealtion 3    29    The Mike Allison Family

Proverbs 13 & 14       Revelation 4     30    The John Amspaugh Family

Proverbs 15 & 16    Revelation 5    31     Shelly Bankey


 Following each daily Scripture Reading are the names of the families and individuals for our daily prayer list.  Please read your Bible and pray for these persons for the month of  August. 

If you have a prayer request, please feel free to call the Prayer Chain:  

Pam Plassmann email

or Mary Williams email


  Celebrating Rev. Linda Middelberg's Ministry  

On Wednesday, August 12, 5:15 p.m. at First UMC, 200 W. Second St. Perrysburg, we will gather to honor and celebrate with Rev. Linda Middelberg.  Rev. Middelberg has faithfully served our District this past year and will be moving to the Capital Area North District.  All laity and clergy are invited to come and express gratitude for Linda's ministry.  You are welcome to bring cards and notes of joy and thanksgiving.  Refreshments will be served.

Our August Mission Focus is UMCOR School Kits.           

What is UMCOR? The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. UMCOR's work includes programs and projects in disaster response, health, sustainable agriculture, food security, relief supplies, and more. UMCOR is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year!  

 UMCOR is connected to whom? UMCOR is a ministry of The United Methodist Church through the General Board of Global Ministries, and the goal is to assist the most vulnerable persons affected by crisis or chronic need without regard to their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe all people have God-given worth and dignity.

How far does UMCOR reach? UMCOR's work reaches people in more than 80 countries, including the US. We provide humanitarian relief when war, conflict, or natural disaster disrupt life to such an extent that communities are unable to recover on their own. UMCOR provides these survivors not only temporary relief but long-term education, training, and support.

UMCOR spends 100% of designated donations on the projects our donors specify. When UMCOR donors give their time, money, and supplies, they join UMCOR as the hands and feet of Christ.

What are the School Kits? In some countries, children don't have books or school supplies. Many have no schoolrooms; classes are held in inadequate or half-destroyed buildings, tents, or even the open air. School Kits may be these children's only educational resources. The Kit includes scissors, paper, pencil sharpener, ruler, pencils, eraser, and crayons all nestled in a lovely provided hand-sewn bag. See below for location of cloth bags.

School Kit Materials:

*1 pair blunt scissors (rounded tip only; no plastic scissors, please)

*3 pads of paper (spiral or top-bound pads; 150 sheets or less of loose-leaf paper can be substituted for 1 pad; combination of spiral, top-bound, side-bound, or loose-leaf paper is acceptable; no composition books, please)

*1 hand-held pencil sharpener (must be at least 1 inch long; remove from packaging)

*1 30-centimeter ruler (hard or flexible; cartoon characters are acceptable; no advertisements please)

*6 unsharpened pencils (no advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols, please; cartoon characters are acceptable)

*1 2-inch or larger-size eraser (no advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols, please; cartoon characters are acceptable)

*1 24-count box of crayons (only 24-count boxes, please)

*1 14x16 inch cloth bag (These have already been graciously sewn/supplied. The bags are located inside the boxes located inside 3 of our church entryways.)

NOTE:  Please enclose at least $1 for each Kit. This donation enables Kits to be sent to areas in need. You will find large boxes inside 3 church entryway doors to place your completed School Kits. Slip your $1 bill, to assist with shipping, inside the large kraft envelope located inside the box. Thank you so much.

Assembly Directions:

Place all loose items on top of paper. Turn items sideways and slide into the cloth bag. Fold over the top of the bag so loose items don't fall out.

Important Notes:

*All items must be new.

*All emergency Kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations. Since strict rules often govern product entry into international countries, it is important that Kits contain only the requested items, nothing more.

*Do not include any personal notes, money, or additional material in the Kits. These things must be painstakingly removed and will delay the shipment.                                      

  Meet Our New District Superintendent  

 Scot Ocke has served as Senior Pastor at Maumee United Methodist Church since 2006 and Chair of the Maumee Watershed District Leadership Team for seven years. Prior to that he was pastor at First United Methodist Church (Marysville), Grace United Methodist Church (Piqua) and the former Hedges Chapel, now Village Chapel United Methodist Church, in Ashville. Scot felt the call to ministry at his home church of First United Methodist in Sidney where he grew up, and while in seminary became a student pastor and deacon there.  A graduate of Bowling Green State University in Business Administration, Scot received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary. Scot serves on the Conference Board of Ministry, the Board of Trustees at Lakeside Chautauqua, and as Spiritual Director for several Walk to Emmaus communities. As Superintendent, Scot will have spiritual and administrative oversight for the 106 congregations in the Maumee Watershed District as well as numerous mission sites and ministries. Scot's passion for mission work has led him to Methodist Camp Sierra Linda in Mexico, Henderson Settlement in Kentucky, and local mission work in South Toledo. While at Maumee he led the church to complete a Family Life Center, providing space for new ministries for the church and community. Scot is married to Mary and they have four children, all of whom they are proud to say, are active members of United Methodist Churches where they live.  Scott will start this new assignment on September 1.  

Roche De Bout Parade

Needed -  Two volunteers to wear OCC Collection boxes and walk in the Roche De Bout Parade along with other volunteers to carry and hand out OCC information in the parade.  

 This is a great family project and a great way to see everyone attending the  parade. Or teens this would be a wonderful fun way to participate in the celebration and show off your winning smile. Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas - get your exercise and see all your neighbors at the same time.  Get into the Holiday Spirit a little early and enjoy knowing that more boys and girls will be receiving boxes because of your willingness to walk in the parade. ..Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.  I Corinthians 15: 58 

Sign Up Sheet is on the bulletin board in the main hallway.    


School supplies  are  the highlighted items for our extra boxes collection this month. Remember how excited you were to get the new pencils, paper, erasers, rulers, glue, and crayons?  The children receiving our extra boxes will be just as excited to receive these items for their very own - thanks to you!   


Developing Your Artist's Eye

with photographer Ellen Loeffler-Kalinoski

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Waterville Branch Library

Create and compose dynamic images, find the perfect light and choose a unique perspective.  Bring your camera and instruction manual to learn camera basics and how to use your camera's controls to create stunning photographs.  Digital or film camera users welcome. This is a free class; registration is required.  


Now accepting registrations for Sunbeam Christian Preschool!  Call for a tour or for more information. Sandi Hood  Email:

Ages 3-5 Classes held Monday-Friday 9:00am - 11:30am.  Located in the Zion United Methodist Church 6656 N. Texas St. Whitehouse, OH  


Cathy Landis

Janet Poling