January 2016 Newsletter




Dear Church Family,

My hope and prayer is that your Christmas and New Year gatherings with family and friends have been a blessing to all.

This is the time each year that many of us reflect upon all of our experiences of the previous year and make new years' resolutions. Over the years many of us have made resolutions only to fall short. The very definition of a resolution is to make a firm decision. What firm decisions can we make that will build our faith in, love for and service of our gracious, generous, loving God?

All that we need for an ever growing relationship with God has been provided through God's gift of grace in our Savior, Jesus, in God's word, the Bible and in the community of faith, the church and family.

God's free gift of grace demonstrates God's radical generosity. This free gift of life in Christ and forgiveness of all sin so that God's original design for an intimate loving relationship can be restored.

How then can we participate in growing closer to our God in Christ and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit? One way is to study God's word. To that end during 2016 we will all have the opportunity to study God's generosity. The first study will be during the season of Lent and is titled Loving Generously. This five-week study focuses upon God's generosity and our response as we serve the least and the lost. Loving Generously is designed as an all church experience with a sermon series and small group study.

Another way that we grow closer to God is to spend personal private time with God each day. Many of us already do daily devotions. If you already do daily devotions are you experiencing the outcome you desire? It is very easy to get caught up in doing devotions for devotions sake. Let's challenge ourselves to do our devotions for the purpose of experiencing God and dwelling in God's presence. To accomplish this end, we may need to change our devotional resource or learn a new way to spend daily time with God.

The heart of our relationship with God begins with the reality of God's unmeasurable love for us or to make it personal, God's unmeasurable love for you. The key to experience the fullness of God's love and presence is our love for God. Ask yourself, do I truly love God? How you answer this question can guide your new year's resolutions for a maturing relationship with God.

If you were to accomplish all your spiritual resolutions for 2016 what would be the condition of your relationship with God? What are the resources you will need to fulfill your relational growth with God? Who is a close personal brother or sister in Christ that can support, encourage and help with accountability to your desires for spiritual growth in 2016?

Let us all pray daily that we will grow as disciples of our Savior and Lord. May 2016 be a holy blessing as we seek to know God more fully and grow in our love for God.

Pastor Mike



Facts, Figures & FYI's

2016 Stewardship Campaign: With the start of the New Year, our "New Consecration Sunday" Stewardship Campaign draws to a close. We continued our approach of financing the ministries of our church and our personal stewardship from a spiritual perspective rather than a fundraising perspective. It focused on the question, "What is God calling me to do?" rather than, "What does the church need in order to pay bills?"

On behalf of the Stewardship Team, thank you to all who contributed to and participated in making this program a success. We will be sharing the final results during worship on January 24, 2016.

Finally, if you haven't had the opportunity to turn in your 2016 Estimate of Giving Card, we will gladly accept them at any time. You may place them in the offering, send via US Mail or drop them off in the Church Office. If you need one, they are available on the shelf by the Church Office. 

2016 Giving Envelopes: Thank you very much for your tremendous response of picking up your 2016 Giving Envelope. It has saved the time and expense of mailing them.

2015 Giving Statements: Since we continue to have emailing issues with the software used to maintain individual giving records, everyone will receive a hardcopy of their final 2015 giving. They will be available on Sunday, January 10, 2016, on the shelf outside the church office. Please make every effort to pick them up, in order to save mailing costs. We will be converting to the updated software in January, which should not only eliminate our emailing problem, but also enhance our record keeping capabilities.

Please contact the Church Office, (419) 878-3645, wumc@watervilleumc.org or Tom Wiggins (419) 878-5503, financialsec@watervilleumc.org if you have any questions about anything related to finance or stewardship.

Waterville UMC Family News:

Hospitalized: Marilyn Simpson - St. V's now home.

Fritze Schifferly , now home - would appreciate cards but not visits at this time.  

Prayers of Sympathy and Christian Comfort:  

The family of Bob Deardurff upon the passing of Bob's father Lawrence R.  Deardurff on Christmas Eve.

Wedding Congratulations!

Stephanie Allison and Tyler Chirdon were united in marriage on Saturday, January 2, 2016.  Stephanie is the daughter of Mike and Becky Allison and Tyler is the son of Bob and Kathy Chirdon.


Dear Christian Brothers & Sisters,

May God, whose love is everywhere, bless you every day for being what you always are- so nice in every way!

Thank you so much for the prayer quilt and all the prayers on my behalf.  I believe in the power of prayer and I take the quilt with me to all my treatments because it brings me great comfort.  It has been a good witnessing tool as well when I explain what it is.  God's richest blessing to you all.

Emily Vernon 

 I received a beautiful thank you note from Emily Vernon thanking our church for the prayer quilt and the prayers.  She wrote 'When you brought the prayer quilt to me, it brought tears to my eyes to think your church group prayed for my healing.  I take it to my treatments and it comforts me."  She thanks us for the blessing we are to her during this difficult time.   I thank the quilt ministry and all who were a part of this ministry.   I don't think we realize how this small act of kindness brings so much comfort to those who need our prayers.

 In Christ love,

Charlotte Pritchett


God's Garden, 2015   

Thanks to all for supporting my Veggie Stand this year.  I send all the receipts to the Church at the end of the year. As a result of your faithful support I was able to send $10,200 to  the new building fund this year. If the Lord is willing, I will have the garden next year. 

Have a wonderful New Year. 

John Nicholson


2015 Giving Statements

Everyone will receive a hardcopy of their final 2015 giving statement. The 2015 statements will be available on Sunday, January 10, 2016, on the shelf outside the church office.  Please make every effort to pick up your statement in order to save mailing costs.  We will be converting to the updated software in January, which should not only eliminate our emailing problem, but also enhance our record keeping capabilities. 


Prayer Chain

Following each daily Scripture Reading are the names of the families and individuals for our daily prayer list. Please read your Bible and pray for these persons for the month of January.

 If you have a prayer request, please feel free to email the Prayer Chain: prayers@watervilleumc.org

January 2016 Calendar

Click to view January 2016 Calendar 

Celebration Service for

Rev. Scot Ocke

You are invited to attend a Celebration service for the Appointment to District Superintendent for Rev. Scot Ocke on Sunday, January 10 at 3:30 p.m. at Monroe Street United Methodist Church located at 3616 Monroe Street in Toledo.  Bishop Gregory Palmer will be preaching. 

2016 Financial Commitments

If you have not had the opportunity to submit your Estimate of Giving Cards we, will gladly accept them at any time.  You may place them in the offering, send via US Mail, or send an email to Tom Wiggins at financialsec@watervilleumc.org.  If needed, additional Estimate of Giving Cards are located on the hallway shelf outside the Church Office marked as 2016 Stewardship Campaign. 

2016 Giving Envelopes

Your 2016 Giving Envelopes are now available on the hallway shelf outside the church office.  Please make every effort to pick them up, as it is quite expensive to mail them.  In addition, the Counting Team appreciates your using these envelopes for your contributions as they help streamline the process of the weekly offerings. 

Funeral & Memorial Luncheons

When the Women's Ministry serves a luncheon following a funeral or memorial service, we usually ask for donations of either a salad or a dessert.  If you are willing to provide one of these when the occasion arises, please sign the sheet on the bulletin board in the hallway?  We would like your e-mail address and a phone number.  Someone will notify you when there is a need.  Thank You!

The Friendly Center

serves Toledo's inner city children and is a ministry of The United Methodist Church.  During the cold winter months, they have extra need for NEW hats, gloves/mittens and socks.  If you would like to support this ministry, there is a basket in the Fireside Room for collecting these items.  Our Women's Ministry will deliver them to the Friendly Center in mid-January. 

Operation Christmas Child Processing Center 2015

As always, we had another awesome experience and were very blessed to be there.  It was good to have Yvonne and Sherry along this year.  Yvonne and Sherry will be sharing their thoughts and experiences as first timers at the center. 

Some of you have asked about the quantities processed.  So, here are the numbers:

Nov. 24      79,943

Nov. 25     170,647

Nov. 27     121,416

Nov. 28    167,288

Nov. 30    102,560

Dec. 1 *   108,326

Dec. 2 *   103,901

Dec. 3*    134,075

Dec. 4*    150,000

* Are the days our group worked.  On Thursday morning,they hit the 1 million mark at Charlotte.  Processing continued the week of December 7. 

Countries boxes were shipped to incloude: Haiti, Paraguay, St. Vincent, So. Africa, Belize, Ghana, Benin, Gabon, Zimbabwe and countries with undisclosed locations with special access.

We found out that from the Northwest Ohio region there were 27,573 boxes collected.  In 2014 there had been 23,000.

Karen Longnecker

Theatre for the World - 2016

Theatre for the World is back in motion and very excited to be starting our mission projects for 2016.  2015 was a huge year for our group and your support of that show and all ten of our productions has been incredible.  Needless to say, God did some great things locally and across the globe with the money raised.  Please continue to pray for the people in Kenya and the positive impact the well may have on their lives.    

Did you happen to notice in the above paragraph that we said project"s"?   You read it correctly, we are planning two shows in 2016.  We haven't worked out all the final details yet, but we hope you will share in the excitement as we attempt to be God's hands in this world.  

Our first show will be, Harmony Romances, a small-cast comedy by local playwright, Ron Hill.  Performances are slated for March, 4,5 and 6.  The show is a humorous look at how a church funeral committee reacts as one of their own rekindles a romance with her long lost high school sweetheart over the internet.   Gossip is not encouraged, but these folks can't resist sharing their crazy thoughts on this relationship.   We would greatly appreciate any assistance with volunteering.   WUMC makes our group shine.  We will post a sheet outside the office in January.  Please consider joining us in our mission work.  

Our second show will be a Christmas musical.  Yep, you read that correctly as well.  We are planning to sing, and perhaps dance a little.  Any of the ladies who may have seen some of the Women's Christmas Dinner entertainment from 2008 and 2009 will recognize some of the material, but Brian is attempting to incorporate some of the old skits, add new material, a different plot, a few original songs and a larger cast of characters so we can do a Christmas musical in November or December.  This will be our first, and possibly our last venture into the musical realm.  They are much harder to pull together than a play.  We welcome and strongly encourage everyone to pray.    

Lots in store, but we couldn't be more excited to see what God can do with what we offer!

Merry Christmas and may God bless you dearly in 2016!  

The TFTW Gang