June 2017

Dear Church Family,

Let us give thanks in all circumstances. I want to thank you for your prayers, cards, emails, and texts during my 30-day leave. It is impossible for me to describe what each and every one met to me. There are three steps that I would like to share with you that is part of my journey to God's peace and I hope they are steps that help you as well.

In the midst of dark and difficult times it becomes difficult to live by faith. The first truth that God has revealed is His sovereignty. God is in control and desires for each of us to live in and fully experience love beyond understanding. A question each of us must settle is: do I believe that God is in control and has my best interest in His plan for my life? A follow-up thought is this: am I willing to relinquish control of my life completely to God? The only way to experience the peace of God beyond understanding requires this first step of trusting in God's love and grace. God's love and grace are given to each of us no matter our present, past or future actions.

One of the ways to grow in understanding in God's sovereignty is reading God's Word. I have discovered the blessing of simply reading God's Word for the sole purpose of feeding my soul as food feeds my body. Here is a challenge. Beyond your daily devotional routine, add the reading of the Bible to feed on the Word. Start out with 10 minutes. You will be amazed at what God will reveal when you read for the sole reason to experience God as He reveals Himself in the Word.

That brings us to the second step, finding God's peace. How often do you find yourself restless, anxious or really down on yourself? Jesus promised the first disciples and the promise remains for us, His present disciples, to give us peace that cannot be found in anyway in this world. An inner peace that God is with us which carries us through the hard moments and even seasons of life. Nothing can move us to healing and wholeness in our spirit than discovering and living in the peace of God. Every troubled and fearful heart is transformed by the peace of God. This inner peace is our very core.

If you are in the midst of struggle and life is overwhelming, then, ask for, seek out and receive God's peace. This peace is an inner confidence that God is with you, that God is in control and that God can be trusted.

The third step is to get in touch with God's presence in our lives. It is so important to learn how to pray which includes hearing God's Holy Spirit directing our lives. Our prayer life is so critical. Jesus demonstrated the need to be in communication with God as He prayed. Sometimes these times of having a conversation with God lasted all night. A conversation is exactly what God desires. The difficult part of prayer is learning to listen for God's part of the conversation. We often spend so much time talking to God that there is no room for God to speak to us.

Try this for the next 30 days. For every minute you speak to God you spend a minute in quiet listening for God to respond. It may take the whole 30 days for you to finally recognize God's still small voice responding to your prayer. Also remember that God wants to hear your very thought. Yes, God already knows our thoughts and feelings yet God loves us so much that He desires to listen to our sharing with our thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be, with Him.

Start now taking these steps and let me know how they are going for you.

Pastor Mike

Finance & Stewardship

Facts, Figures, & FYI's

Giving Statements via Email

If you currently receive a hardcopy of your quarterly giving statement, you may want to consider using our optional and cost saving method of receiving them via email. We simply attach a PDF file to an email, which you may print or file electronically. If you would like to participate in this program or obtain additional information, please contact the Church Office or send an email to watervilleumc@watervilleumc.org.

Also, if you are not aware, The Ambassador monthly newsletter and a weekly church news update, affectionately known as the "Friday Blaster" are both sent via email. If you currently do not receive these and would like to, please contact the church office with your email address.

"Loving Provider, help us to save and spend wisely so we can give generously, as You give to us each day. AMEN"

                                                                        Prayer from Upper Room, January 2012

Please contact the Tom Wiggins financialsec@watervilleumc.org if you have any questions about anything related to finance or stewardship.

May Statistics

        Date               Worship

Apr. 30                 127

May 7                    105

May 14                   99

May 21                   120

May 28                    69

WUMC Information Udates:

Administrative Council update:

  • Council has approved a YMCA sponsorship for 5 years duration.  This sponsorship gives WUMC a banner at the Waterville Y with our name on it, displayed in a prominent location for public recognition of our support.  The sponsorship money goes towards scholarships for family memberships, camps, & classes for our local community members who can otherwise not afford them.

Building team updates:

  • Site development: We are excited to report our contractor, Total Ground Solutions, has completed the hauling of donated dirt as of Wednesday, May 24.  Approximately 6,000 cubic yards of donated dirt is now on our site, which fulfills our future needs for site preparation.

  • A group of members on the Project Leadership team & Pastor Mike visited a local church, Blessed John XXIII, to learn more about their tremendous growth in membership while in their present multi-purpose facility. So successful that after just 8 years in this building, they have started on a huge expansion project. We thank Blessed John's Father Herb for sharing their success story with our group that day.

  • The Project Leadership team learned of an organization called "Building God's Way (BGW)."  BGW is a Christian building organization that provides guidance or a full boat of services up to and including architectural, project management, construction, and building material supply.  BGW wants to insure Christians are building for God's purposes as well as building structures that can pay for themselves by being used as an income stream to help cover construction and operating costs.  BGW says their organization can bring plan drawing costs in at 1/10th the traditional architect's charges and up to 30% less total construction cost.  BGW has 700+ Christian buildings under their belt which allows them a unique perspective and much experience in the process of church building. Please visit http://bgwservices.com/ to learn more about this organizationTwo members attended a seminar in Fairlawn, OH to learn more about this organization.  They also found a great opportunity for our Administrative Council & Project Leadership team to meet 2 people from BGW's team.  A BGW architect happened to be driving through town and the director of BGW's Ohio builder, Weaver Commercial Contractor, agreed to drive here.  The meeting happened on Friday May 19 at 11:30am.

  • The meeting was a success with all attendees impressed with the architect & builder.  Administrative Council & the Project Leadership team held a follow up meeting on May 24 to discuss our thoughts on the meeting from the 19th & our next steps.  We all felt impressed with BGW & that God has placed them in our path.  The next step to move forward with BGW is to hire them to do a demographic study & design charrette.     

  • BGW Architects utilize a unique design process called a "charrette", an intense and highly collaborative effort that takes place over a 2 - 3 day period at the ministry site.  This process allows design solutions to evolve quickly with direct participation of key ministry leaders and real-time adaptations by the architect.  During this process, between 75 - 90% of the preliminary design is completed and the vision of the ministry is captured and translated into preliminary site plans, floor plans, seating diagrams, sketches and exterior renderings.  A motion was made and approved by Administrative Council to hire BGW to do a demographic study and design charrette.  We desire to complete this within 1-2 months & will update soon on the date we are able to book with BGW.  It is also important to note that there is no contract with BGW and the only commitment being made is to the demographic study & design charrette.  We will make further decisions after the charrette.

June Mission Focus

The Week of Hope Community Service Youth Mission Trip is our June Mission Focus.  Fourteen youth and four adults will be serving in Cincinnati, Ohio with Group Mission Trips from June 25-30 this year. In addition to these folks, we also have two of our youth that have been going on mission trips since seventh grade will be on staff with Group this year.Mission envelopes are located in the pew racks for your financial gifts. 

Welcome Our New Secretary, Leanne Dunn

Stop in to say "Hi" to our new secretary Leanne. Leanne and husband, Maurice moved to the Maumee Watershed District from Ohio River Valley in June 2016. They have five grown children. Maurice serves as Pastor at Christ United Methodist, Portage, Ohio.  Leanne serves as secretary at Christ United Methodist and uses her many talents in her service to the Lord.    

WUMC Family Happenings!

Hospitalized: Alta Damron - Toledo Hospital for heart and lung issues.

                         Elaine Colyer - shoulder surgery

                         Roger Hertzman - St. Luke's Hospital

                         Jim Simpson - UTMC

                         Char Hansen

Prayers of Christian Peace and Comfort for the family and friends ofJessie Loraine Welker who died on May 4, 2017. 

We express our Chrisitan love and sympathy to the family and friends of BettyNelson who passed away on May 7, 2017. Betty was active in our church years ago, and is survived by her husband, Clifford; daughter, Jamie (Bruce) Laurie;  and son, Clifford III.  

Prayers of Christian Peace and Comfort for Wayne & Barb Strayer upon the passing of Wayne's mother, Abbie Strayer on May 16th.


Dear Sisters and Brothers at Waterville UMC,

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in helping us help young girls over the long term.  As you can imagine, recovering from this kind of physical and sexual abuse is a very long process.  That is why your ongoing support is so important to The Daughter Project and the young ladies who find safety, hope and healing in our home.

In the last four years we have helped 14 girls between the ages of 12 and 17.  Our most recent two girls are 15 years old; Charity and Jasmine and they have been with us since last Thanksgiving.  Charity just left to move to group home nearer to her family but Jasmine continues to be loved and cared for by our House Moms in our home in Wood County.

I hope you find this letter informative and encouraging.  Thank you again for caring enough about these young ladies in our community to support them in this tangible way.  You are a true blessing to all the members of The Daughter Project family but you are also modern day abolitionists alongside us.

Your Brother in the eternal family of God,

Serving God by serving others,

Please pray for TDP, especailly our girls,

Jeff & Diana Wilbarger

Director, The Daughter Project 

Dear Waterville UMC,

Thank-you for the contribution of $505.00 which you recently donated to the food pantry.  We are grateful for your part in this mission.  The Pantry is open on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon all year.  More persons seem to be needing help in the last few months.

We are encouraged to know we have your help, along with others of the community, in keeping the shelves filled with groceries.

Gratefully, Anthony Wayne Community Food Pantry

Denise Longnecker, Mission Committee Chairman,

Lee Thomas, Food Pantry Custodian

Joyce Thomas

Donna Vascik

Lenora Brown

Many Others

June Scripture and Prayer


Following each Scripture Reading are the names of our WUMC family. 

Please read your Bible and pray for these persons for the month of June.  

If you have a prayer request, please contact: 


June 2017 Calendar

Click to view calendar  


Each night of VBS the children get to make a creative craft to go along with the VBS theme.  In order to help with the costs of providing craft materials for around 150 kids, we are hoping to get some of the items donated.  The following items are needed for donation:  toilet paper tubes; Bubbles (4 fl. oz. bottles); small plastic plates.  Items can be given to Stephanie Shelton or placed in a box by the Community Room.  Thank you!  


This year's theme for VBS is "Maker Fun Factory - Created by God/Built for a Purpose." After the children finish their nightly craft at VBS, they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of stations set up in the craft room. This year's stations will go along with the Fun Factory theme. We are looking for donations of Spirographs, Gear Sets, Magnet and other building sets. These items would not be returned. The items would either go to a church in Toledo at the conclusion of our VBS or to our Sunday School program here at WUMC.   Any questions, please contact Stephanie Shelton.  

June Operation Christmas Child

June is "Girl Item" month - Something to love (stuffed animal, doll, Beanie Babies), hair bows/ties, headbands, purses, jewerly, sewing kits, small water bottles, deflated soccer balls and pumps (or more BOY 10-14 items!!!). Think of items you loved as a girl and pass on the joy!

Again, remember that the most  needed boxes are those for 10-14 boys.

Pray for shopping wisdom as you purchase the monthly items and the items for your own boxes for collection in November.  The Lord knows the children who will receive your gifts and He can guide your shopping adventures to exactly what will meet the needs and give joy.


Choose to volunteer anytime from June 19 - July 28 this summer at Monroe Street United Methodist Church. Opportunities include Classroom Assistants from 9-Noon, Reading Tutors from 11-Noon, Lunch Buddies from Noon until 1:00 pm, Enrichment Volunteers from 1-3:00 pm each afternoon (Monday and Wednesday are art activities; Tuesdays are planting in the butterfly garden; Thursdays are creative writing and music); and Field Trip Chaperones for their Friday afternoon field trips. To sign-up, copy and paste the following link into your browser (or press CTRL and click on link) then find: Monroe Street UMC sign-up page:


Our church will be hosting the School's breakfast on Tuesday, July 18. Pam Cook will be heading up this effort. She will be posting a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in a few weeks.

50 Year Anniversary Celebration of James & Barbara Stewart

Join Jim and  Barbara Stewartas they celebrate 50 years of marriage on June 11, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Maumee United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 405 Sackett St. Maumee, OH.

Over the course of their fifty years of marriage, our parents have had the privilege of serving the Lord through ministry with so many wonderful congregations:

Cherry Grove UMC - Cincinnati

Trinity UMC - Bowling Green

Waterville UMC - Waterville

Collingwood UMC (Interim pastor) Toledo

Weston UMC (interim pastor) Weston

There have been so many wonderful people that have been part of our parents' lives and become part of our family through these ministries, along with our current church family at Maumee United Methodist Church.  We would like to extend an open invitation to all from these congregations to celebrate with our parents at their open house on Sunday, June 11, 2017!

We'd also extend an invitation to all who would like to worship with our family ahead of the open house.  The service starts at 11 am and the open house will begin immediately following the service. Maumee United Methodist Church 405 Sackett St. Maumee, OH 43537

If you are unable to join us, but would like to send a congratulatory note or share a memory, please send to either:

Jennifer Wuertz 5320 Brown Road Oregon, OH 43616 or

Jay Stewart 2164 Arkansas Oregon, OH 43616

Please see the bulletin board for the picture invitation sent to the church.


The dogs (and humans) of Lucas County Humane Society want to thank all of you who donated empty peanut butter jars. This is an easy project that perhaps should be continued until further notice. There is a basket on the shelf in the hallway for the jars. By the way, it seems like choosy mothers do choose Jif.

Browning Masonic Drivers Needed For Sunday Mornings

With more of our congregation making their homes at Browning, we would like to offer transportation to and from our church on Sunday mornings.  If you would be interested in this outreach ministry, please contact Paul Croy at 419-261-5953.


There will be NO Youth Garage Sale this year. We apologize if you have been saving your treasures for the sale. We are hoping to have one next year (summer 2018) if you want to save your stuff for then. Any questions, contact Stephanie Shelton. Thank you.