August 2017




Mark 4:41 Even the wind and the sea obey him.



Dear Church Family,

My hope is that you are having a great summer and that the Lord is blessing you greatly.

I am inviting you to be in a season of prayer to reveal to our entire congregation God's plan for church growth and for wisdom for the new building. Our church council have been seeking God's wisdom as we trust that this is God's time to move ahead with a new building. A building that will be fully accessible to all people, plenty of parking, a resource for the entire community and most importantly a lighthouse shining with God's love.

Your prayers are so important. In the coming week several from the church are meeting with Building Church God's Way (BGW). This Christian company has built over 700 churches with a heart for the local congregation to fulfill God's plan for the church and the community. Please seek God in prayer from the time you receive this letter. On Tuesday, August 8 through Thursday, August 10, BGW will be with us seeking God's plan for a new building. Please spend some extra time in prayer from now through Thursday that we all will see clearly God's revelations.

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 127:1-2 these words, "Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good. It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones." We must seek God to build His house to provide His ministries to our community and region. Our unified prayers are so important.

Also, we are seeking God's plan for our ministry focus and church growth in Waterville and beyond. God uses His people and His angels to guard our community. We must move beyond our own desires and preferences if we are going to experience the miraculous moving of God's Spirit amongst us, the people of Waterville and beyond.

Thank you for the over 50 of you that have already filled out the survey that will help inform the work with BGW next week. Even though the original deadline of July 31 has past we still need to hear from you. Check your email for the link to fill this out online. You can also call the office and request the email to be resent, request an email attachment to print off, fill out and bring with you Sunday or stop by the office and pick up a paper copy. Your prayerfully considered responses are of great importance for all of us to hear clearly from God. 

Remember that you may be the person to whom God speaks His truth and direction.

May you know the presence of God this day,

Pastor Mike

Your Prayers Are Needed - In light of the upcoming design visit please pray for Austin Fredrickson, those representing Weaver Commercial Contractor and those of the design team who will be helping Austin develop the plans for your facility.Pray for traveling safety and health, for clarity of ideas as the team develops concepts for WUMC, pray for our staff and those interacting with the BGW team that there would be effective communication from both sides.  As so often happens in anything we do that attempts to expand God's Kingdom and reach more people with the Salvation message, Satan will do all he can to disrupt those efforts.  Pray that Satan's efforts to confuse and disrupt will be bound from our church plans.


Facts, Figures, and FYI's

July 2017.JPG

The financial requirements of WUMC are an integral and necessary part of doing God's work through us. The largest portion of our financial requirements is our Ministry Expenses which are supported by your General Fund (GF) Contributions. Each year, following prayerful thought and guidance, an annual Ministry Budget is prepared based on estimated expenses for the coming year and the challenge is to keep expenses at or below this budget estimate. So, keeping track of our GF contributions and how it compares to our budget and actual expenses gives us a good picture of where we stand financially. The chart above shows the monthly GF Contributions for each quarter and how the total amount for the quarter compares to the budget requirement and the actual expenses. As the year progresses, these quaterly totals are then added to the year to date (YTD) totals.

Prepaid: Some individuals chose to prepay for the next year's GF by making year-end contributions. So for accounting purposes this prepaid total amount ($13,304) is divided by 12 and entered each month ($1,109).

Thank you for sharing a portion of what God has entrusted to you!


Date     Worship

July 2        89

July 9       103

July 16        90

July 23        84

July 30        87


 Hospitalized: Jim Simpson, UTMC

                      Barb Page, UTMC

                      Dan Breen,

Prayers of Christian Comfort and Sympathy
for the family of Jack Steele, Penny Greenlese's brother who passed away in Kansas. Prayers for comfort, strength and peace for the family as they mourn yet another loss in their family.

Prayers of Christian Comfort and Sympathy for

the family of Joanne Cooper as they mourn their loss and are in need of peace, comfort and strength.

Prayers of God-speed and protection as Brandon Chase, Dave & Cathy Landis's son-in-law, serves overseas in our military.  Brandon will be serving overseas for 9 months. Pray also for Alissa, and sons Wyatt and Jonah as they carry on life here in the States.



Prayer Chain

Following each daily Scripture Reading are the names of the families and individuals for our daily prayer list. Please read your Bible and pray for these persons for the month of August.

If you have a prayer request, please feel free to contact the Prayer  


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August Operation Christmas Child Items

August items to shop for are: School Supplies- crayons, pencils, sharpeners, paper, ruler, colored pencils, scissors, calculators, learning bookds, index cards, small notebooks, pencil cases,  and small paint kits with brushes.

Reminder, the most needed boxes are for the 10-14 boys.

Pray for shopping wisdom as you purchase these monthly items and the items for your own boxes.  The Lord knows the children who will receive your gifts and He can guide your shopping adventures to exactly what will meet the needs and give joy.

Shoppers you have received your instructions, now go and shop!

Pregnancy Center of Toledo Annual 5K Run &  Walk

The Pregnancy Center of Toledo will once again have their Annual 5K Run and Walk for Life on Saturday, August 19th.  Anyone wishing to participate can join our church team and walk with Connie Kirkman, Sherry Hill and Melva Robinson.  If unable to participate by walking, consider supporting the team with a financial donation, which can be given to any team member or sign your intention on the Run Baby Run,  Walk For Life sign-up sheet posted on the hallway bulletin board.  Information can also be found on Facebook or Twitter.  Any questions contact Melva Robinson. 

WUMC SeekingWedding Coordinator

The Church Wedding Coordinator position is part time and paid by the bridal party. The Coordinator will help to ensure the wedding ceremony at Waterville United Methodist Church is a memorable experience for the bride, the groom and their guests.  Interested parties should contact Char Hansen for additional information at

Part Time Music Minister

WUMC is looking to hire a part-time Minister of Music.  Experience as a worship leader and directing musical ensembles is highly desired.  Directing the church choir will be the main focus.  Must have familiarty with all Christian musical styles.  Strong organizational and communication skills are needed.  Expected time commitment of 10 to 12 hours per week.  Here is a link to our District Website. Part time Music Minister


It is never too early to start planning even more closely for your Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Thank you to those of you that have donated throughout the year already towards our packing party items!


A couple of changes I would like to mention.....

This year there has been a small increase to the suggested donation. Starting in 2017, the per-shoebox suggested donation has increased from $7 to $9. This donation provides for the collection, processing and shipping of the shoeboxes, as well as helps provide ministry materials (such as The Greatest Gift Bible Story Booklet that children are given with their shoebox gift!). If you give your donation online, you can follow your box and discover what country your gift is sent to, which is just an awesome thing to see.


Also starting this year, candy and toothpaste will not be accepted due to increasing custom regulations. I know these two items were always a staple in my boxes and while I am sad to have to exclude these items, at least it gives me more precious space in my box for other goodies.


There is one last change and this one is pretty great! Available this year, red and green plastic shoeboxes! From our project supervisors at Samaritan's Purse- "This year we are excited to announce new red and green plastic shoeboxes! A unique mold has been developed that ensures the highest quality available for shoebox gifts, to be sure they will be durable in the hottest and coldest climates". These plastic shoeboxes become a gift for the child itself alongside the toys, hygiene items, and school supplies found inside. This useful and valuable shoebox will serve as a long lasting reminder of the gift and love received, and the Gospel message the child heard. There will be a charge for us to get these shoeboxes, but if you are someone who generally pays to purchase a plastic shoebox at the dollar store, these are much more durable. I have ordered 100 of these boxes and we will figure out the cost for you when my statement arrives ($1.00-1.50 each perhaps).


Does this mean cardboard shoeboxes are no longer available at church? No, we do have some boxes stored from last year, and always remember that you may use your own boxes that you may wrap (or not). Consistency in size with these Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes is helpful when we pack them at our collection center, but DO NOT hesitate to use any basic shoebox sized box and we will be sure to get them packed in with the others!

This is such a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children. Thank you WUMC for your heart in this amazing mission! Collection Week for 2017 is the third week in November, Nov 13-20.

Any questions, give me a call! Anne Stevens     419-367-7379

Directory Correction

Please update your directory to : STEVENS, Dan & Anne


                                                  HIRES, Justin & Renee

                                                   11143 Oak Pointe Dr.

                                                   Whitehouse, OH 43571