Facilities at the WUMC

The structure of the Waterville United Methodist Church includes a :

Sanctuary with Balcony

Fellowship Hall with full kitchen and attached sitting area (Fireside room)

Several small group rooms

Meeting / rehearsal room

Nursery room

Youth room

Several Sunday School rooms.

Pictures of these are able to be enlarged by clicking on them.  Details of key areas follow:

Sanctuary with Balcony:

Main floor has pew seating for 250 and is inclined

Balcony seats 100

Main floor seating are pews

Main floor is slightly inclined

A baby grand piano and a full working pipe organ are available in the altar area

A professional audio system is installed

There are two projectors with screens in the front of the sanctuary and a speaker's confidence screen in the back of the sanctuary.  These are controlled from a computer station located in the balcony

For special events gold aisle candle holders can be installed

Small elevator access is to the main floor from outside and Fellowship Hall downstairs via the back of the sanctuary

A special flat floor area accommodates wheel chairs about half way back in the sanctuary 

The altar area is four steps up from the main floor with handrails on each side

The balcony has a cry room and a small group room at the back

There is a "casket door" access at the front side of the sanctuary

Fellowship Hall, Fireside Room and the Kitchen:

These are located directly below the sanctuary

Fellowship Hall can be set for formal eating, informal eating. training sessions, movie viewing or open floor activities 

The table and chair eating area can accommodate 100 people per seating

The Fireside Room has casual seating and can be arranged as needed

A small group room is immediately off Fellowship Hall 

Step access is available upstairs or directly to the rear parking lot

Small elevator access connects to the sanctuary, office floor, or directly outside

A large screen TV can provide sight and sound of sanctuary activities or other business and entertainment activities

A handicap restroom facility is off this area


The attended nursery is bright and spacious

Meeting Room:

A large high ceiling 21 ft by 28 ft room is located at the opposite end of the building

This can be set for a variety of events and activities and has computer, internet, and large screen TV equipment installed 

Youth Room:

This room is dedicated to Youth Group activities

Sunday School Rooms:

There are located in the Education Wing

Grounds and Parking:

The grounds are located in a residential area of Waterville, Ohio.  Click HERE for directions and a map.

An open air courtyard with outside altar is located between the main building and the Education Wing

Parking is available in a small lot to the rear of the buildings.  Angled street parking is provided across the corner intersection and North Fifth Street has two side street parking.  For larger vehicles or additional parking Baer Park is located at the end of North Fifth Street.

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