The youth group, called “Youth Alive,” meets almost every Sunday evening from 6-8pm during the school year.  The time is divided between games, fun activities, and Biblical lessons (typically a DVD series).    The youth group welcomes students from grades 6-12.    A calendar of events is available by Clicking Here.  Adam Shelton does the majority of the communication of events and reminders through text messaging. For a Calendar or to be added to the text message list, Contact us with this E Form

Every summer, the youth participate in a 6 day mission trip somewhere within the United States.  Adam has led 9 mission trips to places like Nashville, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and PittsburgH.  The mission trips are organized through a national organization called Group Mission Trips.  The cost of the mission trip is typically covered through a couple different fundraisers throughout the year.  The cost to families is $50 unless enough funds are not raised.  You can find out more at www.groupmissiontrips.com


Adam Shelton is the Youth Leader at Waterville United Methodist Church.  He has been the youth leader for nine years.  He also is a 4th and 5th Grade teacher at Wayne Trail Elementary in Maumee.  Adam graduated from Anderson University (Indiana) in 1999 with a degree in Education.  He is excited to be involved with the youth at Waterville UMC because of the difference his own youth group experiences had on his life. 

  Amy Plassmann is the Youth Assistant at Waterville United Methodist Church. She has been the assistant for three years and also works in the church’s nursery.  She has grown up in the church and really enjoys helping children and young adults through their own personal journey with Christ.