News For July 24,2015

Dear Members and Friends of Waterville United Methodist Church,  

While a wildfire was raging last week in drought-stricken California, a rare summer rainstorm arose and dampened the blaze, enabling firefighters to get the inferno under control. Some people view this unexpected rain as a "Godsend," while others wonder why, if God intended to help, he didn't send enough rain to end the drought altogether.  This news gives us an opportunity to think about what a Godsend is and also what it means to "let God be God." So those will be the topics of this week’s installment of The Wired Word.  Join us for scripture, coffee and discussion at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning in Fellowship Hall.  

Worship Service for Sunday, July 26  

            David and Nancy O. Stafford will be sharing about their recent mission trip to Henderson Settlement

            Children’s Moment -  Mission Jar collection for UMCOR Health Kits

   Hymns -  Jesus Loves Me;  Spirit of the Living God and Only Trust Him

   Special Music -  Karen Wiggins will be singing What Can Separate You?

            Olga’s selections - 

                   Prelude: Come, Christians Join to Sing

                   Offertory:  Immortal, Invisible

                   Postlude:  Lord, Be glorified

            Scripture -  Ephesians 3:14-21  (New Living Translation)

            Pastor Mike’s sermon title - Making Christ at Home in Our Hearts

            Liturgist - Dave Landis  

Please join us for light refreshments in Fellowship Hall following the worship service.  Ann Nightingale and Bobbie Westfall will be your hosts for the month of July.                       

Our mission emphasis for July is UMCOR Health Kits.  You will find information on the kits in the July issue of The Ambassador.  I have also included (as an attachment to this e-blast) the list of items that you will need to complete each kit.  As of today, only 10 kits have been placed in the boxes at church….  

Our mission focus for August will be School Kits – so keep your eyes open for those good “back-to-school” prices on school supplies!! (Notebooks, pencils, scissors, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers and crayons)    

During the month of July we would like to highlight toiletries and hygiene items for our Operation Christmas Child extra shoebox collection.  The collection basket is under the table in the foyer.    

The Roche de Bout (or Roche de Boeuf) Parade is fast approaching.  Anne Stevens is wondering if there are any who would like to design, plan and build an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox float for the parade at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 26.  If so, please put your name on the signup sheet on the bulletin board in the main hallway.  We will also need volunteers to staff our booth that day…more details to come!  

The Church Mouse has been busy watching all the work that has been going on in the Fireside Room this week.  If you were in church last Sunday, you will remember Pastor Mike announcing that Zach Sisler would be restoring and repairing the old wooden cabinet in that room as his Eagle Scout Service Project with Scout Troop #101 members and leaders. The work has progressed during the week and it’s almost completed.   Thank you Zach, Scouts, Leaders and our Trustees for helping with this improvement project.  It looks (and smells) so much better!!!    

Be a blessing,

Church Cathy